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Welcome to RealmEleven

RealmEleven is currently a startup in desktop application development in the .NET environment - and so what you see here is only the scaffolding. This is very much a work in progress, so more will be added to this site as it becomes available. As you can see, this is a green web site - a bright green web site.
Shiny, empty white office space with people moving in - I can almost smell the fresh stucco!


Showcasing a New Web Sergeant 2009 Prototype Menu

Above you'll notice the textured menu system. Just completed and uploaded ISO:2009-Jul-01, this prototype is the first of it's kind; a multitier, scalable, definition list menu, assigining empty items to the DT element and items containing a submenu to the DD element. This is the most effective use of otherwise redundant HTML, not even supported by the the major editors, and given that the intended elements (MENU & DIR) have been dropped and the replacement (the NL element) is lacking in relevant structural features, it is the best choice for the present time. Note the speed of this menu system. That's because it requires no JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, .NET, Flash, Silverlight, nor any other "active", "dynamic", or client-side technology. These menus are completely client independent, standards compliant and work in almost any browser. This system is limited to tier 11 only in Internet Explorer 6, but is capable of displaying any number of menu tiers in modern browsers. The drop down web menu has undergone an almost constant development history with contributions from perhaps only half a dozen information engineers, programmers, and web developers since the year 2000.



This may be a green website, but RealmEleven is apolitical, adhering to the principles of equitable, free, niche market economics with a policy of economic rationalism. Sustainability is a big part of this, but only because it improves automation processes, improved automation processes increase reliability and drastically reduce expenses, and reduced expenses increase profits. Reliability and profit are of considerable importance to any business. Politics by comparison are meaningless and more importantly; without measurable profit.



RealmEleven possesses substantial linguistic data holdings and advanced analytical methodology that give us an edge in fields such as mark-up standardisation, passive mark-up functionality, grammatical analysis, and connective fields such as; temperament modelling, cognitive processing, perceptual bias, and intelligence. This combined with more than 20 years in contact with GUI design and diverse software develoment environments is suggestive of high end content management systems, better gramatical and literacy products, as well as comprehensive intelligence and temperament systems that will be scientifically verifiable. 



RealmEleven draws on programming experience that predates Visual Basic, including languages such as machine code, Assembler, C, Basic, and Pascal. This culminated in the development of commercial software in both VB4 and VB6 development environments under the auspices of FieldCraft. Changing development, production, and operating environments dictate converging product streams that are not compatible with the present, although still marketable, product range of FieldCraft. These new constraints on product specifications and definitions form the rationale for starting over in the modern .NET development environment - and so is born RealmEleven.

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